How to build a modeling portfolio

Building a modeling portfolio can be considered as the first step that you can take in the long journey to be a model. In fact, building a modeling portfolio can assist you with getting agency representation in a convenient manner. Many different methods are available for the modern world people to build a modeling portfolio. Before you start building a modeling portfolio, it is important for you to have a clear understanding about those available options and figure out the most convenient and effective method that you can follow. It is also important to keep in mind that starting your modeling portfolio is a vital accessory. The approach you follow can make or break new opportunities. In other words, you modeling portfolio would be your initial impression and it can help you a lot in the long journey of booking modeling work.

How to lay the groundwork

As mentioned earlier, many different approaches are available for the people to start a modeling portfolio. That’s the main reason why you need to pay special attention towards groundwork and figure out the most convenient path available for you to follow. The best thing about creating a modeling portfolio is that it is easy for you to put the things together and you just need to work according to a plan. Laying the groundwork can be considered as the first part of the plan.
First of all, you need to determine your exact model type. Many different types of modeling can be found out there on the world and some of those types need special requirements. For example, some model types require special skills whereas others require physical appearance. Usually, most of the types of modeling require thin and tall people.

Here is a list of popular types of modeling available out there. You can choose the best one out of them based on your qualifications.

Fashion modeling – This can be considered as the most common type of modeling that you can find out there in the world. In order achieve success in fashion modeling; you need to fulfill a certain height requirement. It depends on the market that you are planning to work for. However, you need to have a minimum height of about 5’8” to be a fashion model. In large markets such as New York, you need to have a height of at least 5’10”. In addition, it is important for the fashion models to have a thin figure. Their looks can range from looking beautiful to striking.

Live modeling – If you want to get into live modeling, you need to have a better personality ahead of your beauty. Live models in the modern world represent different companies at shopping malls, trade shows and other similar venues. Their main intention is to promote a specific brand or a product. In order to be a live model, you need to be equipped with excellent communication skills and the ability to interact with other people.

Body part modeling – This type of modeling is associated with showcasing a specific part of your body. It can be your hands, legs, hair or even eyes. If you are a person who is gifted with smooth legs, graceful hands or lustrous hair, this would be the ideal opportunity available out there for you.

Commercial print modeling – This category is about the models that appear on newspapers, magazines and other advertisements. Commercial print modeling is also associated with an excellent variety, which ranges from portraying a specific role to swimsuit modeling. For example, people who are engaged with commercial modeling represent doctors, business people or other individuals who belong to a specific demographic. The personal outlook requirements vary depending on the type of individual that you are planning to represent. For example, the swimsuit models need to have a good muscle tone and a curvy body.

Now you have a clear understanding on the different types of opportunities that are available out there for you. You can go for the perfect one out of them based on your qualifications and requirements.
The next step is to seek the assistance of a professional service provider. In order to do that, you can contact some of the modeling agencies that are located in your area. The modeling agencies would provide you with recommendations based on their experiences. It is always better to look for a professional photographer who has previous experience with models. They have a clear idea about the specific requirements of models and provide you with the best possible service accordingly. They will also provide valuable advises to you.

How to get ready for the photo shoot

Once you select a professional photographer, you need to pay attention towards hiring a professional makeup artist. This should also be done with care because the makeup artist that you hire can assist you with your looks at the end of the day. Sometimes, the photographer you select can provide you with recommendations about experienced makeup artists in your area. If the photographer cannot provide you with recommendations, you need to go online and search for a one. Or else, you can get the assistance of the local modeling agencies.

In order to be a successful model, you should learn how to pose. Plenty of sources are available for you to learn how to pose accordingly. For example, you can go through some of the modeling magazines and search for poses that inspire you. You don’t need to follow the same poses. You can change them accordingly and add a personal touch to make you look better. You can practice posing at your own home, in front of a mirror. You can also think about asking a friend or a family member to critique your poses while you practice.

Once you learn how to pose, you need to go out shopping and purchase some clothes. This can be considered as an important step in the preparation phase. You need to keep in mind that the main objective of the photo shoot is to sell you as a model. Therefore, you need to be careful enough to shop for clothes that can enhance your appearance and highlight you as a model. In addition, you need to eliminate all the things that distract you and keep you away from achieving your main objective of being a model. It is always better to be simple when purchasing clothes. Moreover, you need to purchase solid colors, instead of choosing patterns and prints. If you feel that a specific cloth fits you perfectly well, you can purchase it without any doubt on mind. If it is too loose or too tight, you should not spend your money unnecessarily. You should also purchase more than one outfit, because you need to look different in the photos. If you are interested in commercial print modeling, it would be wise to invest your money on a swimsuit as well.

It is extremely important for the models to demonstrate versatility. It can deliver a variety of opportunities for you in the long run. You can talk with your photographer to get a clear understanding about versatility. In fact, the photographer will let you know about the types of looks and pictures that you would need for your success.

Here is a list of factors that you need to consider during the photo-shoot in order to ensure your versatility.

Beauty shots – Beauty shots can also be considered as artistic images. They focus on the upper part of your body including the head. While taking the beauty shots, you will be asked to pose dramatically. If you are looking forward to get into the commercial modeling industry, you need to think about beauty shots.

Headshots – Headshots are the most popular types of photos among models. In here, the face of the model is depicted in a clear way. The usual size of a headshot is 8 x 10 inches. These photos are taken at a close range because special attention should be given towards the head of the model. They focus specially on the face and are taken with minimal makeup. The skin tone and the facial structure of the model would be evident in these photos. It is extremely important for the people to have several headshots in their modeling portfolios.

Fashion shots – The fashion shots are taken by allowing the model to wear different outfits. In fact, the fashion shots pay special attention towards the clothes that the model wears. The makeup of the model can even complement the outfit of the model.

Swimsuit shots – The swimsuit shots are important for the people who are looking forward to get into commercial print modeling. These photograms are taken while wearing the swimsuits.

Editorial shots – The editorial shots rotate around a specific story. In here, you will be playing a character in a specific story.
As you can see, different outfits are required for different types of photo-shoots. You need to prepare several days before the shoot with your outfits. This will assist you to stay away from the hassle associated with last minute rush.

Last but not least, you need to be careful enough to maintain your looks until the day of the photo shoot. You spend a considerable amount of time and effort to get prepared for the day of your photo shoot. If you fail to maintain your looks, all the time and effort you spend will be in vain. It is better to get a manicure and have a haircut to make you look good. You should also get a good sleep on the night before the shoot. You should refrain from alcohol on the previous night as well.

The day of your photo shoot

On the day of your photo shoot, you need to double check your bag and make sure you have all the required items packed before visiting the photographer’s studio. You need to visit the studio at least 15 minutes before your due time. It is better to have the number of the photographer saved in your mobile.

When you are at the studio, you need to communicate effectively with the photographer to get the best results through your photo shoot. You need to listen carefully to the photographer and work accordingly. Most of the models tend to be nervous when they are in front of the photographer. Even the most experienced models out there get nervous when they are in front of a photographer. You shouldn’t be nervous and you need to take things easy. You need to showcase your charm and confidence while you are in front of the camera. Then you will be able to highlight yourself as a professional model. You shouldn’t be afraid to show off yourself. Always keep in mind that it is the perfect time available for you to shine. Therefore, you need to get the most out of the situation. Last but not least, you need to demonstrate proper etiquette while you are at the studio of the photographer. You need to build professional level relationships with your makeup artist and the photographer. You can also think about giving thank you notes or a token of appreciation at the end of the photo shoot.

How to build your modeling portfolio

Now you have completed the photo shoot and you have come to the most important step of creating your portfolio. As the first step of building your modeling portfolio, you need to choose the shots that are required. It is important to keep in mind that the quality always matters instead of quantity. Therefore, you shouldn’t think about uploading all the photos to the portfolio. You need to take some time and select about 12 to 15 photos. You can seek the assistance of your friends and family members to choose the best photos. Or else, you can ask for help from your photographer. It is better to have a variety in the photos that you upload to your modeling portfolio. Therefore, you need to select some photos that represent you in different outfits. You can also include a combination of indoor and outdoor photographs.

Before uploading the photos to your modeling portfolio, you need to arrange them for publishing. When one of your potential clients visits your modeling portfolio, you need to make them feel WOW from beginning to the end. That’s why you need to put yourself in the shoes of your potential clients when uploading the photos. The best two images should be uploaded as the first and last one.

It is also important for you to get a portfolio book printed. Usually the professional photographers offer these services for their clients. In case if your photographer does not offer this service, you can visit one of the photo printing places located in your area to get it done. You can also ask for a disc of your modeling portfolio as it can help you when dealing with the clients. When uploading the photos to your online modeling portfolio, you should get the assistance of a professional website designer. You shouldn’t do it on your own unless you are really good with web designing. Otherwise, your online portfolio would amateurish and you will not be able to impress your potential clients.

How to keep your modeling portfolio updated

Once you create the online portfolio, you should take necessary measures to update it in a regular basis. You will gain more experience along with time and it could increase the number of jobs that you are getting. You can add all those experiences to your modeling portfolio to keep it up to date. From the recent studies, it has been identified that models who update their portfolios on a regular basis get more clients when compared to the ones who don’t. These updates can also demonstrate the success that you achieve by working as a professional model.

Last but not least, you need to include a profile page along with all your information. The potential clients should find it as an easy task to go through your portfolio and contact you if they are interested. Therefore, you need to include all the contact details. In addition, you should mention what type of work you are willing to do for them. It is better to include some personal information such as your height, weight, eye and hair color for the convenience of your potential customers. If you have any issue with a specific part of the body, you shouldn’t think twice before mentioning it on the profile page. Moreover, you can add the sports that you are good at; all the relevant skills that you have and the musical instruments that you can play.

These are the basic steps that you need to follow when building your own modeling portfolio. As you can see, you need to pay attention towards several important categories when creating the modeling portfolio. The time and effort you spend on them will be an excellent investment done towards your future.

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